Black Water

by Cattarse

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davew_tx make more please. you guys have "it",
Lute FP
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Lute FP Combine equal parts Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, White Stripes; shake vigorously and serve.

Awesome music.
Green Revenant
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Green Revenant Its got riffs, its got solos, and it has some great vocals. You cannot go wrong adding this to your library. Favorite track: Meet me in the Darkness.
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FDJ Brazil is turning out one good band after another these days,in all genres.
Cattarse are one of those bands and play heavy stonerized blues as if they invented it. Superb riffs,licks and solos plus cool vocals and tight,tight rhythms make this a must have!
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Album "Black Water" released on June 04, 2016. Recorded in December 2015 in Audio Farm studio in Brazil Viamão/RS, produced by Mateus Borges and Igor van der Laan.

Cattarse is a Rock n' Roll band formed in 2008 by brothers Igor and Yuri van der Laan , having his first release dated in 2011, the EP "Certezas". After, in July, 13th, released the Namesake "Cattarse"

Members: Igor van der Laan (Guitar and vocals), Yuri van der Laan (Bass Guitar) and Diogo Stolfo (Drums)


released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Cattarse Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Track Name: Walking on Glass
I never felt this strong
Do it right
I’m just walk alone
Sometimes I cry
I’m just trying not cut myself
But I never wear my boots
When I walk on glass
I don’t forget my roots

See you through the glass?
Can you fix your mess?
I can see the angels falling from the heaven ‘cause of their lies
Now humans eat their flesh to be satisfied
Walk off the line!
Do something wrong!
Track Name: Mr. Grimm
Mr. Grimm
Do you understand what I mean?
Life is a joke to you, so…
Let me go, let me go
Mr. Grimm
Finally the time has come
I will not go without a fight
That’s so nice! Give me twice!

Mr. Grimm, do you understand what I mean?
Let me die in South America
Now my skin burns in the fire, that’s so mean!
Burning in South America

Hell in the sky
Last breath is so sweet
Like a pumpkin pie
In this fight, give me twice

Now I can feel my own soul
In your cold hand, I think it’s time to go
This feeling burning in my soul
In your cold hands, I just let it go

And now I see al the souls
Wandering, searching from themselves
Marching, screaming in only one note, in only one voice
Singing together… la, la, la, la, la
Track Name: Sound Barrier
I can’t believe it, baby
You cross the line
The sound barrier is just a joke

But you don’t know me, baby
‘Cause you’re so blind
You do not see me, anymore
And now I found another way
Just another way
I found another way
Of messing up again
You don’t know me yet, babe
‘Cause I don’t let you
I do not have what you need
I lost a piece of me
I learnt to live incomplete

Where are my bone?
Tell me, please.
Tell me, where?
Track Name: Meet me in the Darkness
I can’t explain the “Only Truth”
For you to believe it
You don’t know why you are so blue
Babe, you can’t see it
You cry when you must be alone
But you don’t make me cry
If you wanna know the “Only Truth”
Look for it in your lies

Look for your lies…
In your lies
Meet me in the darkness to believe
In my beautiful lies
I know how to tell you the “Only Truth”
Open your eyes
You cry when you must be alone
Now you make me cry
If you wanna know happiness
Look for you, inside
I’m looking for you, babe
All the time, everyday
I’m back for you, babe
In my mind, just my mind
I’m looking for you, babe
All the time, everyday
I’m back for you, babe
You are cold
In my nightmares you are cold
Track Name: You Blew My Mind
You blew my mind
Your questions drive me crazy
And now tell me, why?
When did we became so lazy?
And I beg you, please, don’t leave me here tonight
There’s nothing for me in this place, no more
There’s nothing for me, no more
You blew my mind
And now I’m just a body, and no head
Walk away
Looking for a place to bury my love
And I beg you, please, don’t leave me here tonight
I’m just don’t remember how I got here
I don’t remember how I got so far…
Far away from my home

You blew my mind
And now I’m just a body, and no head
Colt. 44
Looking for a place to bury my babe

When I come back
I’ll find you
Bring with me
A bullet for you
Track Name: Turn to Stone
Give me that thing...
That thing I can’t give to you
Let me sing…
Let me sing the whole truth

‘Cause my time, ‘cause my time is over
And all my life, all my life I can’t repair
And you always cry, always cry on my shoulder
And with me, your love, you don’t share
Weather changes without your control
By the storms of your souls
While God plays with our bones
Our flesh turn into stone
What can I do with my eyes?
Where I am I don’t need my eyes
We flew higher than we should have flown
But it’s not a surprise for both of us
Can you save us from ourselves?
Can you save you from yourself?
Can you save me, save me, from myself?
Track Name: Fire in the Hole
Can you see?
The mountain fire blows
The stray bullets fall
And now, you just bleed
Bring the peace with a gun
Murder just for fun
In this war nobody wins
It gets you more scars on your skin
They just invade your home
Reason just is gone (justice?)
In this war nobody wins
… your skin
Fire in the hole
Get out of here and now save your soul
People don’t understand
We’re all one nation in this land
Only one country, only one voice
Only one flag, only one choice
Destroy the walls.
No more fears.
Track Name: Black Water
I can’t stop this Black river of the bruisers and pain
I can’t cross the black river with my blood in my veins
I can’t swim in the black river if I don’t lose my control
I can’t drink from black river, I drown before it

This black water confuses my senses
This black river has a kind of violence
The more I drink, the more I feel thirst
You watch out to see who dies first

Let me drown
To the deep
Let me drown
To the bottom
‘Cause I’m so tired
I can’t breathe anymore
Let me drown
To the deep
Track Name: Ashes
Hurry, my friend
Save your Love
They will burn her in the square, for God above

Bring them some gold
And truths they want to hear
Save your love from the fire and fear

Release your tears
Where are your fears?
Nobody want to hear
Nobody want to see
Hurry, my friend
Save your wife
Don’t let those people take her life
Please, don’t burn my wife
She just doesn’t know
Being different is dangerous in this world
But people don’t change his mind
They wanna this blood desire
And he has just found the ashes of his love in the fire